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Discipline Policy 

Ivy High School’s goal is to provide a safe, secure, and motivating learning environment.  We believe that every student has the right to a quality education.  Consequently, we expect our students to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner.  If a student chooses to behave in a manner that interrupts the learning process, or shows disrespect for others, the student must be willing to accept the consequences.  THE SAME DISCIPLINE RULES APPLY FOR ALL SCHOOL RELATED ACTIVITIES (ON AND OFF CAMPUS), AND WHILE TRAVELING TO AND FROM SCHOOL.

Classroom discipline will be dealt with in the following manner:

1)  First Offense                    

Teacher warns the student.

2)  Second Offense        

Teacher warns the student and makes phone call to parent/guardian.

3)  Third Offense                    

Teacher assigns detention and makes parent contact.

4)  Fourth Offense        

Teacher sends referral to assistant principal indicating fourth offense. Appropriate discipline will be assigned.

5)  Fifth Offense    Referral to assistant principal requesting teacher/parent/student/assistant     principal/counselor (if available) conference.  Student is placed on class contract and appropriate discipline may be assigned
Class Contract violation consequences will be:

                    1st violation    1-day in In-School Suspension
                    2nd violation    2 days in In-School Suspension
                    3rd violation    drop from class with F

* Depending on individual circumstances, teacher may request the principal attend the conference at the fourth offense.  A behavior contract may be initiated at this conference.